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Q&A with Galo Navarro on Building an Effective Platform Team

Galo Navarro discusses how to build an effective platform team and scale it to support a large organ...
Galo Navarro, Matt Campbell
3 weeks ago

Rethinking Programming: Language and Platform for Cloud-Era Application Developers

Ballerina is an open source programming language, which focuses on improving the productivity of the...
Lakmal Warusawithana
3 weeks ago

The Past, Present, and Future of API Gateways

The edge has evolved from simple hardware load balancers to a full stack of hardware and software pr...
Richard Li
3 weeks ago

Article Series: Edge Cloud

Richard Seroter
3 weeks ago

How to Use Encryption for Defense in Depth in Native and Browser Apps

Isaac Potoczny-Jones discusses the pros and cons of application-layer encryption. He covers the atta...
Isaac Potoczny-Jones
3 weeks ago

Understanding dwell time to improve LinkedIn feed ranking

Co-authors: Siddharth Dangi, Johnson Jia, Manas Somaiya, and Ying Xuan The LinkedIn feed is the corn...
Siddharth Dangi
3 weeks ago

2020 State of Testing Report

The 2020 State of Testing report provides insights into the adoption of test techniques, practices,...
Ben Linders, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Joel Montvelisky
3 weeks ago

Building a more resilient world together

Google Developers
3 weeks ago

The Road to Artificial Intelligence: A Tale of Two Advertising Approaches

Artificial Intelligence startups received a record $26.6bn in funding last year, yet a litany of sta...
Lloyd Danzig
3 weeks ago

Edge Computing and Flow Evolution

Edge computing echoes science from the field of complex adaptive systems that explains scaling patte...
James Urquhart
4 weeks ago

Data Gateways in the Cloud Native Era

Data Gateways act like API Gateways but focusing on access to the data aspect. A Data Gateway offers...
Bilgin Ibryam
1 month ago

Keeping IT Support Human during WFH

Image:, Human Connection, KatieWillDesign on Etsy, Hi! We’re the Etsy Engineering team that supports...
Seth Liber
1 month ago

Android 11: Beta Plans

Google Developers
1 month ago

Understanding Classic Java Garbage Collection

Java Garbage Collection remains a topic of major interest even after 25 years. Many developers are s...
Ben Evans
1 month ago

Android 11: Beta Plans

Android Developers
1 month ago

Critical Metrics to Keep Delivering Software Effectively in the New Normal’World

The health of your software delivery capability is critical in the ‘new normal’ world. This requires...
Charlie Ponsonby
1 month ago

Terraforming RDS — Bonus Anecdote

Muffy Barkocy
1 month ago

Spark-TFRecord: Toward full support of TFRecord in Spark

Co-authors: Jun Shi, Mingzhou Zhou Introduction In the machine learning community, Apache Spark is w...
Jun Shi
1 month ago

What Does AI and Test Automation Have in Common?

These days AI is a big buzzword. While it rises in popularity, the controversy surrounding it flouri...
Daniel Gold
1 month ago

The Modern Edge

This article shares stories of how interesting companies are using edge computing in ways you might...
Zack Bloom
1 month ago

Java Feature Spotlight: Text Blocks

Java SE 13 introduced text blocks as a preview feature, aimed at reducing the pain of declaring and...
Brian Goetz
1 month ago

How LinkedIn handles merging code in high-velocity repositories

The product ecosystem at LinkedIn is vast, and managing its infrastructure can be daunting. Nearly 1...
Niket Parikh
1 month ago

Reinforcement Machine Learning for Effective Clinical Trials

In this article, author Dattaraj explores the reinforcement machine learning technique called Multi-...
Dattaraj Jagdish Rao
1 month ago

The Value and Purpose of a Test Coach

Introducing business-oriented automated testing can involve a huge cultural change. For this we real...
Matt Stephens
1 month ago

Development Environments at Slack

Michael Deng
1 month ago