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Moving towards a Future of Testing in the Metaverse

In this article, Tariq King describes the metaverse concept, discusses its key engineering challenge...
Tariq King
3 weeks ago

Hodor: Overload scenarios and the evolution of their detection and handling

Co-Authors - Abhishek Gilra, Nizar Mankulangara, Salil Kanitkar, and Vivek Deshpande Introduction To...
Abhishek Gilra
3 weeks ago

Understanding and Applying Correspondence Analysis

Customer segments, personality profiles, social classes, and age generations are examples of effecti...
Maarit Widmann, Alfredo Roccato
3 weeks ago

Sharing LinkedIn’s Responsible AI Principles

Co-authors - Blake Lawit and Ya Xu Editors Note: This post originally appeared on LinkedIn's Officia...
1 month ago

The Process of Creating Decentralized Apps (dApps)

A decentralized application has a different architectural approac, they are working on distributed l...
Ognyan Chikov
1 month ago

The Unit in Unit Testing

In this article, we will focus on how developers should consider using fake objects instead of mock...
Tyson Gern
1 month ago

How Practicing TCR (Test && Commit || Revert) Reduces Batch Size

The practice of test && commit || revert teaches how to write code in smaller chunks further reducin...
Philippe Bourgau
1 month ago

EaaS as a Technique to Raise Productivity in Teams

In essence, EaaS addresses developer productivity issues by providing settings that make it simple f...
Oghenevwede Emeni
1 month ago

Journey to GitHub: Ensuring Developer Happiness Every Step of the Way

At LinkedIn, we have traditionally maintained our source code in large, monolithic repositories (rep...
Prince Valluri
1 month ago

How I Contributed as a Tester to a Machine Learning System: Opportunities, Challenges and Learnings

Have you ever wondered about systems based on machine learning? In those cases, testing takes a back...
Shivani Gaba
1 month ago

Building Functional .NET Applications: A Guide for Choosing Between F# vs C#

C# and F# are languages, each with growing user bases, that approach functional programming in funda...
Nahla Davies
1 month ago

Moving Past Simple Incident Metrics: Courtney Nash on the VOID

The Verica Open Incident Database (VOID) is assembling publically available software-related inciden...
Courtney Nash, Matt Campbell
1 month ago

Scaling Media Machine Learning at Netflix

Netflix Technology Blog
1 month ago

PHP 8 - Arrays, Variables, Operators, Exception Handling and More

In this article, we discuss new features brought by PHP 8 related to arrays, variables, operators, a...
Deepak Vohra
1 month ago

Secure Delivery: Better Workflows for Secure Systems and Pain-Free Delivery

The software delivery process has been transformed in the last decade; we’ve adopted well-understoo...
Chris Rutter
1 month ago

Understanding and Debugging Deep Learning Models: Exploring AI Interpretability Methods

ML interpretability refers to a user's ability to explain decisions made by an ML system. Interpreta...
Andrew Hoblitzell
1 month ago

Containers and Serverless—Rivals or Cohorts?

This article will try to decode these technologies and explore how developers should consider contai...
Omer Hamerman
1 month ago

The first developer preview of Android 14

Android Developers
1 month ago

Hard-Won Lessons from the Trenches: Failure Modes of Platform Engineering — And How to Avoid Them

Platform Engineering is a hot topic with many orgs hoping to reap the benefits. However, it is easy...
Aaron Erickson
1 month ago

Article Series: Developing Apache Kafka applications on Kubernetes

Apache Kafka has integrations with most of the languages used these days, but in this article series...
Alex Soto
1 month ago

Designing for Concurrency: the Hilbert’s Hotel Problem in Go

In this article, we want to show how achieving concurrency is the result of an appropriate design. A...
Enrico Piccinin
1 month ago

Lambda Throttling - How to Avoid It?

This article aims to explain best practices if you have throttled your application and services and...
Shlomi Kushchi
1 month ago