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How to Use Your Existing Software Development Process Data to Find More Bugs in Less Time

This article presents better solutions that employ data from the system under test and the tests the...
Elmar Jürgens
2 days ago

Scalable Annotation Service — Marken

Netflix Technology Blog
3 days ago

The Six Ways of Optimizing WebAssembly

While Wasm was originally designed for the browser, it turned out to be useful for embedded programm...
Matt Butcher, Radu Matei
3 days ago

Unifying Messaging Experiences across LinkedIn

Co-authors: Michele Ursino and Joe Xue Introduction At LinkedIn, we believe that an opportunity can...
Michele Ursino
3 days ago

Design Pattern Proposal for Autoscaling Stateful Systems

In this article, Rogerio Robetti discusses the challenges in auto-scaling stateful storage systems a...
Rogerio Robetti
4 days ago

Improving the customer’s experience via ML-driven payment routing

Co-Authors: Xianyun Mao, Stan Xu, Rachit Kumar, Vikas R, Xia Hong, and Divyakumar Menghani As a Link...
Xianyun Mao
4 days ago

Platform Engineering 101: What You Need to Know About This Hot New Trend

Platform engineering is a current hot topic with a rapidly growing tooling ecosystem and landscape....
Luca Galante
5 days ago

Software Testing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends in 2023

Technology has taken significant leaps within the last few years, introducing advancements that have...
Adam Sandman
6 days ago

PHP 8 - Type System Improvements

In this article we will discuss extensions to the PHP type system introduced in PHP 8, 8.1, and 8.2....
Deepak Vohra
1 week ago

Finding Adequate Metrics for Outer, Inner, and Process Quality in Software Development

Implementing a feature can be measured. Quality is harder to measure. This article explores how to b...
Michael Kutz
1 week ago

Data Protection Methods for Federal Organizations and Beyond

The Federal Data Strategy describes a plan to “accelerate the use of data to deliver on mission, ser...
Alex Tray
1 week ago

Why Team-Level Metrics Matter in Software Engineering

In a world where everything can have perspective, context and data, it doesn’t make sense to limit t...
Ian Phillipchuk
1 week ago

Proven Solutions to Five Test Automation Issues

Automated testing is often blocked due to some well-known issues, especially in a microservices arch...
Wojciech Bulaty
1 week ago

InfoQ Software Trends Report: Major Trends in 2022 and What to Watch for in 2023

2022 was another year of significant technological innovations and trends in the software industry a...
Daniel Bryant, Wesley Reisz, Thomas Betts, Shane Hastie, Srini Penchikala
2 weeks ago

Android Studio Electric Eel

Android Developers
2 weeks ago

How to Measure the Energy Consumption of Bugs

Software engineers should accept their responsibility to take energy consumption and carbon dioxide...
Jan Reimann
2 weeks ago

Lessons Learned from Enterprise Usage of GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is an effective CI tool. However, integrating it into enterprise organizations can be...
Greg Jacobs
2 weeks ago

Extending the Android SDK

Android Developers
2 weeks ago

Increasing Team and Individual Motivation with the Motivational Diagnostic

Being motivated can make a positive difference to both our engagement and our success in the workpla...
Suzanne Morrison
2 weeks ago

A Skeptic’s Guide to Software Architecture Decisions

Skepticism is an architectural superpower that helps you to see through false assumptions before you...
Kurt Bittner, Pierre Pureur
3 weeks ago

Blue-Green Deployment From the Trenches

Introducing blue-green deployments is often a beneficial improvement. However, with some architectur...
Sarah Saunders
3 weeks ago

Driving Employee Retention and Performance Through Recruiting

With employee turnover expected to reach all-time highs, improving retention must start with a recru...
Shannon Pritchett
3 weeks ago

Securing a Kafka Cluster in Kubernetes using Strimzi

Deploying an Apache Kafka cluster to Kubernetes is easy if you use Strimzi, but that’s only the firs...
Alex Soto
4 weeks ago

Microservices Integration Done Right Using Contract-Driven Development

Build your microservices and micro-frontend in parallel and deploy them independently without worryi...
Naresh Jain
1 month ago

The Service and the Beast: Building a Windows Service that Does Not Fail to Restart

Windows Services play a key role in the Microsoft Windows operating system, and support the creation...
Michael Haephrati, Ruth Haephrati
1 month ago

The Importance of Pipeline Quality Gates and How to Implement Them

A quality gate is an enforced measure built into your pipeline that the software needs to meet befor...
Craig Risi
1 month ago