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Rules of Thumb & Traps When Approaching Tech Stack Decisions

At the MVP stage - do only the stuff you would do in a hackathon. Scalability and processes will bec...
Stefan Miteski
1 day ago

Career stories: Breaking barriers with LinkedIn

After interning with us, Beatrix resonated with the culture and community she found at LinkedIn, and...
2 days ago

Infrastructure as a Code—Why Drift Management Is Not Enough

The reality is that configuration drift will remain unavoidable for the foreseeable future. An EaaS...
Roxana Ciobanu
3 days ago

How Open Source is Contributing to Your Team’s Development: What Leaders Should Know

Today’s open source landscape plays a critical role in the developer journey and in business as well...
Al Sene
6 days ago

What Developers Must Know About Zero Trust

Zero trust solves the problem of open network access by allowing access only to the resources a user...
Gilad David Maayan
1 week ago

Talking About Sizing and Forecasting in Scrum

Scrum Teams can use different approaches to size the effort to deliver a Sprint/Product Goal. The fo...
John Coleman
1 week ago

AI, ML, and Data Engineering InfoQ Trends Report—August 2022

In this annual report, the InfoQ editors discuss the current state of AI, ML, and data engineering a...
Srini Penchikala, Dr Einat Orr, Rags Srinivas, Roland Meertens, Anthony Alford, Daniel Dominguez
1 week ago

Managing Kubernetes Secrets with the External Secrets Operator

Kubernetes doesn’t yet have the capabilities to manage the lifecycle of secrets, so sometimes we nee...
Önsel Akin
1 week ago

Why DesignOps Matters: How to Improve Your Design Processes

DesignOps is a combination of practices and a mindset that improves design workflow, facilitates des...
Jason Beres
2 weeks ago

Automated Incident Management Through Slack

How Airbnb automates incident management in a world of complex, rapidly evolving…
Vlad Vassiliouk
2 weeks ago

Why DevOps Governance Is Crucial to Enable Developer Velocity

The application environment should be managed centrally by the DevOps team. This allows them to bett...
Amir Rozenberg
2 weeks ago

Jetpack Compose 1.2 is now stable!

Android Developers
2 weeks ago

How to Spark a Consumer-Grade UX Revolution

Turning end-users into advocates is one of the most powerful things SaaS companies can accomplish to...
Marcelo Wiermann
2 weeks ago

Celebrating 10 years of Google Play. Together.

Android Developers
2 weeks ago

Mobile Video-Conferencing Using Jitsi

In this article, we will look at alternatives for providing video meetings on mobile devices. We tak...
Tsahi Levent-Levi
2 weeks ago

Discovering the Versatility of OpenEBS

OpenEBS provides storage for stateful applications running on Kubernetes; including dynamic local pe...
Jerome Petazzoni
2 weeks ago

My Journey to Airbnb — Beti Gathegi

From exploring careers across continents to now helping others find their place at Airbnb.
3 weeks ago

Measuring downstream impact on social networks by using an attribution framework

Co-authors: Qiannan Yin, Derek Koh, and Jenny Wu The network effect in social networks increases the...
Qiannan Yin
3 weeks ago

Scaling and Growing Developer Experience at Netflix

An optimal Developer Experience will depend a lot on the company the developer is working for. This...
Phillipa Avery
3 weeks ago