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You’re Doing it Wrong: It’s Not About Data and Applications – It’s About Processes

Classic developer thinking tends to approach application design from a data-centric point of view. W...
Mike Fitzmaurice
1 day ago

Evolving LinkedIn’s analytics tech stack

Co-authors: Steven Chuang, Qinyu Yue, Aravind Rao, and Srihari Duddukuru Introduction Having recentl...
1 day ago

Measuring Web Performance at Airbnb

Learn what web performance metrics Airbnb tracks, how we measure them, and how we consider…
Joshua Nelson
2 days ago

#BazelCon 2021 Wrap Up

Google Developers
5 days ago

Lightweight External Business Rules

Complex enterprise applications usually come with varying business logic. Such conditions and subseq...
Soham Sengupta, Srijeeb Roy
5 days ago

Applying Social Leadership to Enhance Collaboration and Nurture Communities

There are many styles and forms of leadership. In this article we explore social leadership. A form...
Sathpal Singh
6 days ago

Design Patterns for Serverless Systems

After shortly introducing design patterns at different level of abstractions, this article will pres...
Tridib Bolar
1 week ago

Completing a member knowledge graph with Graph Neural Networks

Co-authors: Jaewon Yang, Jiatong Chen, and Yanen Li Introduction LinkedIn members are able to enrich...
Jaewon Yang
1 week ago

Lessons Learned from Self-Selection Reteaming at Redgate

Redgate Software runs a yearly deliberate reteaming process across engineering to alter how they inv...
Chris Smith
1 week ago

Introducing the KivaKit Framework

In this article, we take a brief tour of the KivaKit open source Java microservices application fram...
Jonathan Locke
1 week ago

Agile Coaches, Agile Guides and Other Family Members

Companies look at agile coaches as agile experts to guide teams through agile working. But that is...
Allan Kelly
1 week ago

Microservices — The Letter and the Spirit

Microservices to be a pattern of ‘decoupled services’ managed to get the best out of it (the underly...
Alaa Tadmori
2 weeks ago

trivago Tech Check-in: Meet Mohammad

trivago is the home to 500+ tech specialists from all corners of the globe – each with their own uni...
2 weeks ago

A Design Thinking Roadmap for Process Improvement and Organizational Change

How to understand an organization and the problem they want to improve, find solutions to problems,...
Lymari Castro
2 weeks ago

Faster Financial Software Development Using Low Code: Focusing on the 4 Key Metrics

Low code/no code can help firms achieve the four key performance metrics described in the State of D...
Tracy Miranda
2 weeks ago

Creating Airbnb’s Page Performance Score

Learn how Airbnb built the Page Performance Score, a 0–100 score that measures multiple…
Andrew Scheuermann
2 weeks ago

Leading With Empathy

Empathy has emerged as a panacea to combat the anguish and suffering of the global pandemic of COVID...
Gautham Pallapa
2 weeks ago

Solutions for Testing Blockchain: Private Blockchains, Permutations, and Shifting Left

Blockchain is an emerging software architecture that has the potential to be a big disruptor in the...
Craig Risi
3 weeks ago