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The Flow System: Leadership for Solving Complex Problems

The Flow System elevates Lean Thinking in an age of complexity by combining complexity thinking, dis...
Ben Linders, John Turner, Nigel Thurlow, Brian Rivera
2 days ago

Local-First Cooperation

Why do two local devices need the cloud to be able to communicate? Shouldn't we be able to enable ro...
Roland Kuhn
2 days ago

Greykite: A flexible, intuitive, and fast forecasting library

Co-authors: Reza Hosseini, Albert Chen, Kaixu Yang, Sayan Patra, Rachit Arora, and Parvez Ahammad In...
Reza Hosseini
3 days ago

Implementing Microservicilities with Quarkus and MicroProfile

Microservicilities is a list of cross-cutting concerns that a service must implement apart from the...
Alex Soto
3 days ago

Achieving observability in async workflows

Netflix Technology Blog
3 days ago

Improving iOS Intangibles with Tactical

In the days of lore and legend that precede my employment, Medium operated under the…
Alaina Kafkes
3 days ago

#AndroidDevChallenge - It’s a wrap!

Android Developers
4 days ago

How Journaling Puts Leadership in Action

Have you ever wondered how keeping a journal (or even a so-called “diary”) and business-related topi...
Cosima Laube
4 days ago

Deep Diving Into EF Core: Q&A With Jeremy Likness

Entity Framework (EF) Core is a cross-platform, extensible, open-source object-database mapper for ....
Jeremy Likness, Arthur Casals
4 days ago

Can We Trust the Cloud Not to Fail?

I will start with the theory behind failure detection, and then review a couple of real-world exampl...
Lena Hall
5 days ago

Logs Cleanup

In this post, I will take you through our journey of logging.
Ralstan Vaz
5 days ago

Increasing Developer Effectiveness by Optimizing Feedback Loops

We can think of engineering as a series of feedback loops: simple tasks that developers do and then...
Ben Linders, Tim Cochran
6 days ago

Compiled, typed, Ruby-inspired Crystal language is ready for production - Q&A with Beta Ziliani

The Crystal language is ready for production, 12 years after inception. Crystal is compiled for perf...
Bruno Couriol, Beta Ziliani
1 week ago

Continuous Learning as a Tool for Adaptation

The fifth and capstone article in a series on how software companies adapted and continue to adapt t...
Nora Jones
1 week ago

Key Metrics to Track and Drive Your Agile Devops Maturity

To promote DevOps and Agile process improvement a meaningful set of metrics should be tracked. In th...
Charlie Ponsonby
1 week ago

Cloud Native and Kubernetes Observability: Expert Panel

InfoQ recently caught up with Observability experts to discuss several topics including fundamental...
Rags Srinivas, Liz Fong-Jones, Bartłomiej Plotka, Josh Suereth, Frederic Branczyk
1 week ago

2021 State of Testing Report: Testing Careers, Covid-19, Agile, Coaching & Training, Automation

The 2021 State of Testing report provides insights into the adoption of test techniques, practices,...
Ben Linders, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Joel Montvelisky
1 week ago

Netflix Drive

Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

Why a Serverless Data API Might be Your Next Database

In this article, author Pieter Humphrey discussed database as a service (DBaaS) and serverless data...
Pieter Humphrey
1 week ago

Android Studio 4.2

Android Developers
1 week ago

How to build an effective professional network on LinkedIn: Some data-driven insights

Co-authors: YinYin Yu, Guillaume Saint Jacques, and Paul Matsiras Introduction In 2019, LinkedIn ann...
YinYin Yu
1 week ago

The Rise of Asynchronous Collaboration and What It Means for Development Teams

Drew Falkman from @modus-create shares his perspective on Zoom fatigue and the rise of asynchronous...
Drew Falkman, Jay Garcia
1 week ago

New Dashboard in Google Developer Profiles

Google Developers
1 week ago

A Gentle Introduction to eBPF

eBPF lets programmers execute custom bytecode within the kernel without having to change the kernel...
Virag Mody
1 week ago