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Q&A on the Book The Power of Virtual Distance

The book The Power of Virtual Distance, 2nd edition, by Karen Sobel Lojeski and Richard Reilly, desc...
Ben Linders, Karen Sobel Lojeski, Richard Reilly
1 day ago

From Lambda to Lambda-less: Lessons learned

Co-authors: Xiang Zhang and Jingyu Zhu Introduction The Lambda architecture has become a popular arc...
Xiang Zhang
2 days ago

Server-Side Wasm - Q&A with Michael Yuan, Second State CEO

WebAssembly can be used server-side to provide the performance required by use cases such as blockch...
Michael Yuan, Bruno Couriol
2 days ago

How Apache Pulsar is Helping Iterable Scale its Customer Engagement Platform

In this article, author Greg Methvin discusses his experience implementing a distributed messaging p...
Greg Methvin
3 days ago

Kick-off Your Transformation by Imagining It Had Failed

Large scale change initiatives have a worryingly high failure rate. A chief reason for which is that...
Ayman Idris
6 days ago

Building a Self-Service Cloud Services Brokerage at Scale

While not suitable for everyone, cloud brokerages are useful for large enterprises that want to impr...
Will Kelly
1 week ago

Q&A on the Book Reinventing the Organization

The book Reinventing the Organization provides a framework of principles of practices that can help...
Ben Linders, Arthur Yeung, Dave Ulrich
1 week ago

Counting your followers

An Vu
1 week ago

Data Quality at Airbnb

Part 2 — A New Gold Standard
Vaughn Quoss
1 week ago

CRUD operations with the new Android Paging v3

Víctor Albertos
1 week ago

Server-Side Wasm: Today and Tomorrow - Q&A with Connor Hicks

Connor Hicks presented at QCon this year the opportunities linked to using Web Assembly outside of t...
Connor Hicks, Bruno Couriol
1 week ago

Simple streaming telemetry

Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

The future of Kotlin Android Extensions

Android Developers
1 week ago

Instrumenting the Network for Successful AIOps

AIOps platforms empower IT teams to quickly find the root issues that originate in the network and d...
Ron Nevo
1 week ago

Decentralised Development: Common Pitfalls and how Value Stream Management can Avoid Them

Big businesses often learn about Agile methodologies and start breaking up their teams to be more pr...
Jeff Keyes
1 week ago

Coral makes edge AI even more accessible in 2020

Google Developers
2 weeks ago

Pegasus Data Language: Evolving schema definitions for data modeling

Pegasus Data Schema (PDSC) is a Pegasus schema definition language that has been used for data model...
Yingjie Bi
2 weeks ago