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Application Models as Working Software

Discusses using an application model in an iterative time-bounded development approach. Employ user...
James Billson
2 days ago

The Kongo Problem: Building a Scalable IoT Application with Apache Kafka

In this article, author Paul Brebner discusses the best practices for developing IoT projects using...
Paul Brebner
4 days ago

Go, See & Do. A Guide to Running a Gemba Sprint

This article is a guide to organizing a Gemba sprint; a sprint where teams, leadership, and managem...
Ahmad Fahmy
5 days ago

AVIF for Next-Generation Image Coding

By Aditya Mavlankar, Jan De Cock¹, Cyril Concolato, Kyle Swanson, Anush Moorthy and Anne Aaron
Netflix Technology Blog
5 days ago

How Big Technical Changes Happen at Slack

Slack Engineering
5 days ago

Mono: From Xamarin to WebAssembly, Blazor, and .NET 5 - Q&A with Miguel de Icaza

Mono started as an open source .NET platform in 2001, being developed by Xamarin until 2011. Since t...
Arthur Casals, Miguel de Icaza
6 days ago

Detecting Memory Corruption Bugs With HWASan

Android Developers
6 days ago

Q&A on the Book Agile Machine Learning

The book Agile Machine Learning by Eric Carter and Matthew Hurst describes how the guiding principle...
Ben Linders, Matthew Hurst
1 week ago

Product Increment Planning @ BMS

How would you do a quarterly planning for implementing new features of an app, involving Business…
Chhavi Raina
1 week ago

Better URL Search with Elasticsearch

At trivago, we generate a huge amount of logs and we have our own custom setup for shipping logs usi...
1 week ago

Q&A on the Book Righting Software

The book Righting Software by Juval Löwy provides a structured way to design a software system and t...
Ben Linders, Juval Löwy
1 week ago

Coding Conversations: Four teams, three tracks, two offices

Editor's Note: LinkedIn Engineering is dedicated to solving complex problems at scale to create econ...
Chelsea Valentine
1 week ago

Q&A on the Book Managing the Unmanageable

The book Managing the Unmanageable by Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty provides rules, tools, and ins...
Ben Linders, Mickey Mantle, Ron Lichty
1 week ago

Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android

Today we are excited to announce that Netflix has started streaming AV1 to our Android mobile app. A...
Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

Improving Smart Home Action Reviews

Google Developers
2 weeks ago

Setting Up a Virtual Office for Remote Teams

Adopting a virtual office model saves a business $11,000+ annually per employee. It’s also one of th...
Angela Yurchenko
2 weeks ago

The Momager

Tal Netanyahu
2 weeks ago

Dropbox bug bounty program has paid out over $1,000,000

Over the past five years, our bug bounty program has become an important part of improving our secur...
2 weeks ago

The path to DX deprecation

Android Developers
2 weeks ago

Java 14 Feature Spotlight: Records

Java SE 14 (March 2020) introduces records (jep359) as a preview feature. Records aim to enhance the...
Brian Goetz
2 weeks ago

The journey to fast production asset builds with Webpack

Etsy has switched from using a, RequireJS-based, JavaScript build system to using, Webpack, . This h...
Jonathan Lai
2 weeks ago