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Interpreting A/B test results: false negatives and power

Netflix Technology Blog
17 hours ago

#IamaGDE: Bhavesh Bhatt

Google Developers
1 day ago

People, Not Screens: Why Soul-Based Leadership Will Change the Nature of Remote and Hybrid Work

Virtual, remote, or hybrid work is the main leadership challenge of our time. Leaders should focus...
Karen Sobel Lojeski
2 days ago

Promoting Creativity in Software Development with the Kaizen Method

As employers struggle to hire and retain qualified talent in high-tech, SenecaGlobal is using the Ka...
Sarma Manthravadi
5 days ago

Building Tech at Presidential Scale

Dan Woods discusses the unique challenges of building and running tech for a presidential cycle. Woo...
Dan Woods
6 days ago

Takeoff: What Software Development Can Learn from Aviation

A lot of professions have been around way longer than software development and have developed "best...
Christian Seifert
6 days ago

Distributed Firewall (DFW): Network security at the host level at LinkedIn

Co-authors: Matthew Davidson, Walter Marchuk, Andreas Zaugg, Michael Garate, and William Buenzle In...
Matthew Davidson
6 days ago

Announcing DevFest 2021

Google Developers
1 week ago

Application Security Manager: Developer or Security Officer?

The role of the Application Security Manager (ASM) should be the driving force of the overall code r...
Daniil Chernov
1 week ago

Project Magnet, providing push-based shuffle, now available in Apache Spark 3.2

Co-authors: Venkata Krishnan Sowrirajan and Min Shen We are excited to announce that push-based shuf...
Venkata Krishnan Sowrirajan
1 week ago

Automating Data Protection at Scale, Part 2

Part two of a series on how we provide powerful, automated, and scalable data…
elizabeth nammour
1 week ago

Developer Learning isn’t just Important, it’s Imperative

Every industry leader worries about the scarcity of high-quality software engineers. That means com...
Fahim ul Haq
1 week ago

Present and Future of Xamarin Community Toolkit: Q&A with Gerald Versluis

Xamarin.Forms is evolving into .NET MAUI, the Xamarin Community Toolkit is also preparing for the tr...
Almir Vuk, Gerald Versluis
1 week ago

Engineering Digital Transformation for Continuous Improvement

Engineering The Digital transformation leverages manufacturing's successful track record of improvin...
Gary Gruver
1 week ago

Why the Future of Monitoring Is Agentless

Traditionally, monitoring software has relied heavily on agent-based approaches for extracting telem...
Austin Parker
1 week ago

Revisiting BetterTLS: Certificate Path Building

Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

Soulful Socio-Technical Architecture

Happy developers make happy customers and stakeholders. Authority is ineffective with competent and...
Marco Consolaro
1 week ago

Announcing the Android Basics in Kotlin Course

Android Developers
1 week ago

Mobile DevSecOps Is the Road to Mobile Security

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the most common security deficiencies in mobile apps and expla...
Alan Bavosa
2 weeks ago