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Debugging Lock Wait Timeouts (in Ruby on Rails)

Ollie Haydon-Mulligan
1 day ago

Using ASP.NET Core 7 Minimal APIs: Request Filters, Parameter Mapping, and More

Several features have been added to Minimal APIs with the .NET 7 release. This tutorial shows how th...
Fiodar Sazanavets
2 days ago

Career stories: Military commander turned Trust & Safety manager

Avery's career in military IT took an unexpected turn when he caught wind of a LinkedIn Trust & Safe...
6 days ago

Technology's Carbon Impact and What You Can Do about It

Achieving a balance between growth and efficiency can be a formidable task. However, software engine...
Marco Valtas, Lisa McNally
6 days ago

The Great Lambda Migration to Kubernetes Jobs—A Journey in Three Parts

In this article, I’d like to share our journey at Firefly on a great migration from serverless to Ku...
Liav Yona
1 week ago

Scaling AutoBuild: Our Journey Towards Delivering An Enhanced Customer Experience

Ensuring operating system upgrades are done quickly and efficiently is just one way we ensure that t...
Rohit Jamuar
1 week ago

The Future of Istio: Sidecar-Less and Sidecar with Ambient Mesh

Istio's new ambient mesh allows for a sidecar-less data plane. This article discusses the advantages...
Lin Sun
1 week ago

Adopting PgCat: A Nextgen Postgres Proxy

Mostafa Abdelraouf
1 week ago

Contract-Driven Development – a Real-World Adoption Journey

Contract-driven development adoption is not just about tooling or practices, it involves changing ho...
Hari Krishnan
1 week ago

Migrating to the Cloud: Is It as Intimidating as It Appears?

Being Cloud Native is often considered crucial for business success in the current business landscap...
Pradeep Kumar Dhoopati
1 week ago

NTS: Reliable Device Testing at Scale

Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

Reducing Apache Spark Application Dependencies Upload by 99%

Co-authors: Shu Wang, Biao He, and Minchu Yang At LinkedIn, Apache Spark is our primary compute engi...
Shu Wang
1 week ago

What Are Cloud-Bound Applications?

The increasing adoption of application-first cloud services is causing applications to blend with th...
Bilgin Ibryam
1 week ago

AI @ LinkedIn - It’s All About Foundations

For our engineering teams, artificial intelligence (AI) is like oxygen - it powers every product we...
Mohak Shroff
2 weeks ago

How Skyscanner Embedded a Team Metrics Culture for Continuous Improvement

This article explains why Skyscanner decided not just to deploy a tool, but to think about this as c...
Ramsay Ashby, Laz Allen
2 weeks ago

Step One to Successfully Building Your Platform: Building It Together

You may feel that investing in an internal platform is a win, but the business may need more convinc...
Lee Ditiangkin
2 weeks ago

The Wonders of Postgres Logical Decoding Messages

In this article, author Gunnar Morling discusses Postgres database's logical decoding function to re...
Gunnar Morling
2 weeks ago

Data ingestion pipeline with Operation Management

Netflix Technology Blog
2 weeks ago

Career stories: Spotlighting Technical Program Management

Based in Silicon Valley, Priya serves on LinkedIn Engineering’s Technical Program Management (TPM) t...
2 weeks ago

Interactive Microservices as an Alternative to Micro Front-Ends for Modularizing the UI Layer

While microservices architectures are well established for the back-ends of software systems, the sa...
Doğa Armangil
2 weeks ago

Writing Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs): One Concern Per Container

This article discusses the “one concern, one process” design for containers and Cloud native networ...
W. Watson
3 weeks ago

How to Rebuild Tech Culture for Those Who Survived the Layoffs

A wave of layoffs hit the software industry and changed the definition of tech culture. This article...
Mehnaaz Abidi
3 weeks ago

Career stories: Discovering Dublin

After working as a data scientist and AI engineer in Seoul, globetrotters Vasundhara and her husband...
3 weeks ago

How to Have More Effective Conversations With Business Stakeholders About Software Architecture

Technical leaders must be able to communicate with business stakeholders to effectively design softw...
Kurt Bittner, Pierre Pureur
3 weeks ago

The Future of Service Mesh Is Networking

On this journey, we will discover that, to quote David Mooter, “The future of service mesh is as a n...
Bill Mulligan
3 weeks ago

Moving towards a Future of Testing in the Metaverse

In this article, Tariq King describes the metaverse concept, discusses its key engineering challenge...
Tariq King
3 weeks ago

Hodor: Overload scenarios and the evolution of their detection and handling

Co-Authors - Abhishek Gilra, Nizar Mankulangara, Salil Kanitkar, and Vivek Deshpande Introduction To...
Abhishek Gilra
3 weeks ago