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Keeping it 100

We’ve written in the past about how we, . In this blog, we take a closer look at…
Jens Jakob Balvig
1 day ago

Our evolution towards T-REX: The prehistory of experimentation infrastructure at LinkedIn

Editor’s note: This blog post is the first in a series providing an overview and history of LinkedIn...
Alexander Ivaniuk
1 day ago

Q&A on the Book- Problem? What Problem? with Ben Linders

Ben Linders has written a new book focused on helping teams and individuals identify and address imp...
Shane Hastie, Ben Linders
1 day ago

Announcing DevFest 2020

Google Developers
2 days ago

Scalable Cloud Environment for Distributed Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow

In this article, author Lena Hall discusses how to use Apache Airflow to define and execute distribu...
Lena Hall
2 days ago

Introducing visx from Airbnb

Chris C Williams
3 days ago

Beyond trivago Tech Pt. 2: Four More Side Projects from Our Developers

This is part two of our series about trivago engineer’s side projects. The first part is here. As al...
3 days ago

Introducing Android 11 on Android TV

Android Developers
3 days ago

Four Case Studies for Implementing Real-Time APIs

API calls now make up 83% of all web traffic. Competitive advantage is no longer won by simply havin...
Karthik Krishnaswamy
3 days ago

Q&A on the Book Fail to Learn

The book Fail to Learn by Scott Provence explores how we can learn from failure and how trainers and...
Ben Linders, Scott Provence
4 days ago

Load Testing APIs and Websites with Gatling: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Conducting load tests against APIs and websites can both validate performance after a long stretch o...
Guillaume Corre
6 days ago

How Our Paths Brought Us to Data and Netflix

Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

Analytics at Netflix: Who We Are and What We Do

Netflix Technology Blog
1 week ago

Helping members discover communities around interests

Co-authors: Chiachi Lo, Bohong Zhao, and Elina Lin When we launched a major redesign of LinkedIn’s m...
Chiachi Lo
1 week ago

The Case for Explainable AI (XAI)

Artificial Neural Networks offer significant performance benefits compared to other methodologies, b...
Lloyd Danzig
1 week ago

Adaptive Architecture: A Bridge between Fashion and Technology

Adaptive architecture is a feature of agile software development and is also a source of competitive...
Gabriel Sampaio
1 week ago

LIquid: The soul of a new graph database, Part 2

Co-authors: Scott Meyer, Andrew Carter, and Andrew Rodriguez Editor’s note: This is the second part...
Scott Meyer
1 week ago

Azure + Spring Boot = Serverless - Q&A with Julien Dubois

Microsoft seems to prove over and over again its focus on cloud and the Java ecosystem is the new no...
Olimpiu Pop, Julien Dubois
1 week ago

From Monolith to Event-Driven: Finding Seams in Your Future Architecture

One of the challenges of migrating your system’s architecture is excluding non-desirable attributes...
Jayson Go
1 week ago

Android GPU Inspector Open Beta

Android Developers
1 week ago