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Monolith to microservices using dotnet core

Shubham Ranjan
19 hours ago

6 New ways to engage with users on Android TV

Android Developers
1 day ago

PHP 7 — Improvements to Arrays, Operators, Constants, and Exception Handling

In this final article on the series on new features in PHP 7.x, we shall discuss improvements to arr...
Deepak Vohra
1 day ago

Q&A on the Book Further, Faster

Businesses that thrive over the long term can focus on just a few things that truly matter to their...
Ben Linders, Bill Flynn
3 days ago

Realtime APIs: Mike Amundsen on Designing for Speed and Observability

In a recent apidays webinar, Mike Amundsen, trainer and author of the recent O’Reilly book “API Traf...
Daniel Bryant
4 days ago

Theory vs. Practice: Learnings from a recent Hadoop incident

Co-authors: Sandhya Ramu and Vasanth Rajamani For companies and organizations, failure tends to be f...
Sandhya Ramu
5 days ago

Digital Ink Recognition in ML Kit

Google Developers
5 days ago

The Right Way of Tracing AWS Lambda Functions

With an emphasis on distributed tracing, this article discusses best practices for gaining and lever...
Michele Mancioppi
5 days ago

Navigating towards a new navigation

We migrated our code-base to the Navigation component and we are happy now, even though we…
Víctor Albertos
5 days ago

State of the Art in Automated Machine Learning

InfoQ caught up with experts Francesca Lazzeri, Machine Learning Scientist Lead at Microsoft; Matthe...
Anthony Alford, Francesca Lazzeri, Matthew Tovbin, Adrian de Wynter, Leah McGuire, Marios Michailidis
6 days ago

Retrospectives for Management Teams

Engaging top management in a recurring retrospective approach can result in long-term value in organ...
Ben Linders, Kamil Puk
6 days ago

trivago Tech Check-in: Meet Fabian

In our new series, trivago Tech Check-in, we’re introducing you to some of our tech talents from acr...
1 week ago

How to Pick a Metric as the North Star for Algorithms to Optimize Business KPI? A Causal Inference Approach

This article draws on our published, paper, in, KDD 2020, (Oral Presentation, Selection Rate: 5.8%,...
Xuan Yin
1 week ago

Level Up with WebAssembly - Book Review and Q&A

WebAssembly is a difficult-to-learn technological stack, with rough edges and a fast-moving target....
Bruno Couriol, Robert Aboukhalil
1 week ago

11 Weeks of Android: Android Developer Tools

Android Developers
1 week ago

Scaling Distributed Teams by Drawing Parallels from Distributed Systems

An effective distributed team’s characteristics are accountability, good communication, clear goals...
Ben Linders, Ranganathan Balashanmugam
1 week ago

Quality matches via personalized AI for hirer and seeker preferences

Co-authors: Konstantin Salomatin, Kirill Talanine, Barış Özmen, Gungor Polatkan, Linda Fayad, Arjun...
Konstantin Salomatin
1 week ago

The Challenges of Building a Reliable Real-Time Event-Driven Ecosystem

Globally, there is an increasing appetite for data delivered in real time; we are witnessing the eme...
Matthew O'Riordan
1 week ago

Interview About Wallaby.js and Quokka.js JavaScript Productivity Tools

Wallaby.js and Quokka.js are JavaScript/TypeScript productivity tools that provide additional capabi...
Dylan Schiemann, Simon McEnlly
1 week ago

Zooming Towards Human Connection

Mojtaba Mehrara
1 week ago

DeText: A deep NLP framework for intelligent text understanding

Co-authors: Weiwei Guo, Xiaowei Liu, Sida Wang, Huiji Gao, and Bo Long Natural language processing (...
Weiwei Guo
2 weeks ago

How to Get Hired as a Machine Learning Engineer

To become a machine learning engineer, you have to interview. You have to gain relevant skills from...
Roland Meertens
2 weeks ago