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Smashing Silos: Scaling up an Energy Tech Disrupter Remotely

Being a small EnTech disruptor in a rapidly evolving market can feel a bit daunting; add in an acqui...
Rebecca Mahoney, Andy Molineux
1 day ago

Career stories: Next plays, jungle gyms, and Python

Since she was a child, Deepti has been motivated to help people. This drive led her on a career jour...
1 day ago

Analyzing Incident Data across Organizations: Courtney Nash on The VOID

The Verica Open Incident Database (VOID) is assembling publically available software-related inciden...
Courtney Nash
2 days ago

Welcome to the Inaugural LinkedIn-Cornell grant recipients

At LinkedIn, we're always looking for ways to improve our platform for members and customers and bel...
Ya Xu
2 days ago

Establishing a Scalable SRE Infrastructure Using Standardization and Short Feedback Loops

This article explores an SRE implementation where the operations team builds and runs the SRE infras...
Philipp Gündisch, Vladyslav Ukis
3 days ago

Migration madness: How to navigate the chaos of large cross-team initiatives towards a common goal

Co-authors: Lily Wittle and Cathy Ji Introduction The Gateway-as-a-Platform (GaaP) team at LinkedIn...
Lily Wittle
3 days ago

Embracing Cloud-Native for Apache DolphinScheduler with Kubernetes: A Case Study

This article shares how Apache DolphinScheduler was updated to use a more modern, cloud-native archi...
Yang Dian
6 days ago

What Kind of Coach Does Your Team Need?

Coaching is primarily client-driven, the client chooses the right coach for a particular need at a p...
Leigh Griffin, Arjay Hinek
6 days ago

Developer-Powered CTS (CTS-D)

Android Developers
1 week ago

Diving into Zero Trust Security

The Zero Trust approach involves a combination of more-secure authentication approaches, such as MFA...
Sindhuja Rao, Deepank Dixit
1 week ago

INWED2022: How Skills Can Help Shape Your Future in Engineering

Today is an exciting day for female engineers! June 23 marks the ninth anniversary of International...
Ya Xu
1 week ago

Developing a Cloud-Native Application on Microsoft Azure Using Open Source Technologies

Cloud native is a development approach that improves building, maintainability, scalability, and dep...
Andrea Grillo
1 week ago

What We Now Know: Digital Transformation Reaches a Point of Clarity

As much as it has been discussed and praised, digital transformation has suffered from a lack of cle...
Thomas Erl
1 week ago

DevOps and Cloud InfoQ Trends Report – June 2022

This article summarizes how we see the "cloud computing and DevOps" space in 2022, which focuses on...
Steef-Jan Wiggers, Matt Campbell, Lena Hall, Renato Losio, Daniel Bryant, Feynman Zhou, Mostafa Radwan, Shaaron A Alvares
1 week ago

Data Oriented Programming in Java

Project Amber has brought a number of new features to Java in recent years. While each of these feat...
Brian Goetz
1 week ago

Reproducible Development with Devcontainers

Devcontainers provide a reproducable, reusable, simplified developer experience. Get a tour of a dev...
Avdi Grimm
1 week ago

How to Optimize for Fast Flow Using Alignment and Autonomy: the Journey of a Large Bureaucracy

This article describes how NAV (Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration), Norway's largest bureau...
Truls Jørgensen, Audun Fauchald Strand
1 week ago

Airbnb’s Trip to Linaria

Joe Lencioni
1 week ago

Minimum Viable Architecture in Practice: Creating a Home Insurance Chatbot

Even a simple application, like the one described in this article, needs a minimum viable product (M...
Kurt Bittner, Pierre Pureur
2 weeks ago

LinkedIn’s journey to Java 11

Introduction At LinkedIn, we are committed to deliver a best-in-class platform experience for our me...
Jesse Jie
2 weeks ago

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions with Serverless and Kubernetes Native Java

Moving application workloads to multi- and hybrid cloud platforms causes more carbon dioxide emissio...
Daniel Oh
2 weeks ago

Graph Machine Learning at Airbnb

Devin Soni
2 weeks ago

Building Effective Developer Tools to Enable an Entire Organization to Move Faster

Building effective tooling can help bring down the time to delivery and increase the number of chang...
Suhail Patel
2 weeks ago