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Why Visual AI Beats Pixel and DOM Diffs for Web App Testing

Visual AI breaks regions of pixels into rendered elements for comparison purposes, similar to how hu...
Michael Battat
1 day ago

Q&A on the Book Testing Business Ideas

The book Testing Business Ideas by David Bland and Alex Osterwalder provides experiments that can be...
Ben Linders, David Bland, Alex Osterwalder
2 days ago

5 IT Operations Cost Traps and How to Avoid Them

Decisions during the initial development or integration phase for new solutions impact future operat...
Klaus Haller
6 days ago

Store grand re-opening: loading Android data with coroutines

Many moons ago, I was working at the New York Times and created a library called, Store, , which was...
1 week ago

Keeping LinkedIn professional by detecting and removing inappropriate profiles

Our members place their trust in us, and expect and deserve a safe and trusted community where they...
Daniel Gorham
1 week ago

Groovy 3.0 Adds New Java-Like Features

Groovy 3 adds several new features similar to equivalents in Java, including the enhanced for loop,...
Deepak Vohra
1 week ago

Functional UI (Framework-Free at Last)

Functional UI is a set of techniques which rely heavily on functional programming to develop user in...
Bruno Couriol
1 week ago

Migrating HTTP Tests

Björn Skoglund
1 week ago

Building Instacart Pickup

1 week ago

Book Review: Developer, Advocate!

Developer, Advocate! is a set of interviews with prominent technologists, covering what drives their...
Erik Costlow, Geertjan Wielenga, Jennifer Reif
1 week ago

Upgrading to RHEL7 with minimal interruptions

Pinot, an open source scalable distributed columnar OLAP data store, is used extensively across almo...
Walter Huf
1 week ago

Q&A on the Book Quantum Leadership

The book Quantum Leadership by Frederick Chavalit Tsao and Chris Laszlo brings to light the power of...
Ben Linders, Frederick Chavalit Tsao, Chris Laszlo
1 week ago

A Bottom-Up View of Kotlin Coroutines

Recently coroutines have become popular as an alternative to Reactive Programming on the JVM. In ma...
Garth Gilmour, Eamonn Boyle
1 week ago

Kubernetes Security: The State of the Union - a Virtual Panel

InfoQ caught up with experts Scott Coulton, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Liz Rice, VP of O...
Rags Srinivas, Scott Coulton, Liz Rice, Gareth Rushgrove, Maya Kaczorowski, Kirsten Newcomer
2 weeks ago

Intelligent DNS based load balancing at Dropbox

The Dropbox Traffic team is charged with innovating our application networking stack to improve the...
2 weeks ago

Enter the Indie Games Festival from Google Play

Android Developers
2 weeks ago

Q&A on The Host Leadership Field Book

The Host Leadership Field Book: Building Engagement for Performance and Results provides 30 cases an...
Mark McKergow, Pierluigi Pugliese, Ben Linders
2 weeks ago

The Datum Data Binding Library

There has been an explosion of frameworks and libraries for making single page applications for the...
Martin Rixham
2 weeks ago

Building a blazingly fast Android app, Part 2

Monitor, profile, optimize, and ramp. This is the cycle of performance operations that we rely on to...
Chao Zhang
2 weeks ago

Preparing Entity Framework Core for Static Analysis and Nullable Reference Types

In this article we walk through the process of updating an EF Core 3.1 based DAL to adhere to modern...
Jonathan Allen
2 weeks ago

The Fundamental Truth Behind Successful Development Practices: Software is Synthetic

Software systems are creative compounds, emergent and generative; the product of complex interaction...
John Rauser
2 weeks ago

Making the LinkedIn experimentation engine 20x faster

Co-authors: Alexander Ivaniuk, Jingbang Liu At LinkedIn, we like to say that experimentation is in o...
Alexander Ivaniuk
3 weeks ago

New Coral products for 2020

Google Developers
3 weeks ago

Introducing multiple videos for movies

Last week we launched a cool little feature; showing multiple videos of the same movie on…
Kedar Nimkar
3 weeks ago