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Is Artificial Intelligence Closer to Common Sense?

Intelligent agents lack the common-sense knowledge they need to reason about the world. Traditionall...
Michael Stiefel
1 day ago

Born in Detroit, Accelerated with Google

Google Developers
1 day ago

Sooner, Safer, Happier: A Q&A with Jon Smart from DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2020

At DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas, Jonathan Smart gave a keynote talk titled ‘Leading for Better...
Helen Beal, Jon Smart
3 days ago

Fixing Linux filesystem performance regressions

As companies grow, adapt, morph, and mature, one item remains the same: the need for reinvention. Te...
Ryan Underwood
4 days ago

Q&A on the Book Leading with Uncommon Sense

The book Leading with Uncommon Sense by Wiley Davi and Duncan Spelman questions typical- and for man...
Ben Linders, Wiley Davi, Duncan Spelman
4 days ago

Challenges of Human Pose Estimation in AI-Powered Fitness Apps

In this article, author discusses the human pose estimation solution powered by AI technologies and...
Maksym Tatariants
5 days ago

Introducing the Android for Cars App Library

Android Developers
5 days ago

“Avacado” or, Avocado, ? 🥑

Jagannath Putrevu
5 days ago

Pensieve: An embedding feature platform

Co-authors: Benjamin Le, Daniel Gmach, Aman Grover, Roshan Lal, Jerry Lin, Austin Lu, Qingyun Wan, a...
Benjamin Le
6 days ago

Only the Agile Survive in Today’s Ever-Changing Business Environment

Today's business environments are changing more rapidly than ever before, with major shifts impactin...
Asim Rahal
6 days ago

Building for a more productive inbox with AMP

Google Developers
1 week ago

Android Studio 4.1

Android Developers
1 week ago

Brahmos, a New, Small, React-like UI Framework with Concurrent Rendering -- Q&A with Sudhanshu Yadav

Brahmos implements the known React APIs (hooks, context, concurrent mode, and more) with a different...
Sudhanshu Yadav
1 week ago

Why the Serverless Revolution Has Stalled

Are traditional servers dead? Far from it. This article looks at why, despite serverless models find...
Bernard Brode
1 week ago

Learning from Bugs and Testers: Testing Boeing 777 Full Flight Simulators

The aviation industry has developed the habit of scrutinizing every reported event in order to preve...
Alexandre Bauduin
1 week ago

How to Build, Deploy, and Operationalize AI Assistants

While chatbot PoCs are simple, building production-grade conversational software is challenging. Ent...
Mady Mantha
1 week ago

The End of the Privacy Shield Agreement Could Lead to Disaster for Hyperscale Cloud Providers

The recent ending of the Privacy Shield agreement by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) might impac...
Nahla Davies
1 week ago

Q&A on the Book Infinite Gamification

The book Infinite Gamification by Toby Beresford explains how to create sustainable gamification pro...
Ben Linders, Toby Beresford
1 week ago

Building a heterogeneous social network recommendation system

Co-authors: Parag Agrawal, Ankan Saha, Yafei Wang, Aastha Nigam, and Eric Lawrence Figure 1: A heter...
Parag Agrawal
2 weeks ago

The Abyss of Ignorable: A Route into Chaos Testing from Starling Bank

Greg Hawkins describes how Starling Bank introduced a chaos engineering practice, starting in In 201...
Greg Hawkins
2 weeks ago

Improving Webassembly and Its Tooling -- Q&A with Wasmtime’s Nick Fitzgerald

WebAssembly, now a web standard, aims to grow beyond the browser. Wasm runtimes are implementing pro...
Nick Fitzgerald, Bruno Couriol
2 weeks ago